It enjoys bike touring boats with

In the old days, before the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge can had touring bike well to Awaji island.

And go to the ferry terminal, has a distinctive smell-like mixed and smell of exhaust fumes smell of the tides of the sea and the sound of the whistle and track and quite liked it.
Open the rampway bridge the ship and the quay to the self-propelled car, the car first bike Board. Seamen’s and guided bike along the side of the hull, bikes, and placed parallel to the wall even a rope swung tightly fixed まかれて and round. Riders accustomed was fixed bike yourself and the crew says.
Car and waited a few hours at holidays in ride regardless of ordinary was a bike. Quite feel superiority at this time.
Could so go at the time of less than one hour to Awaji island, while per deck, sea breeze, but is a bit of time we enjoy a boat trip. Bridge is convenient, but also the atmosphere of those days are.


Although ship available routes are reduced, may can cruise you are looking for a little into the touring. Look to challenge is not using a boat once!.



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