[Easy] bamboo shoots under processing method

When spring comes, will eat the taste of Spring bamboo shoots.
But would you yourself handled under real is hard.
Is best measure of how add peppers and rice bran processing
Difficult in areas such as the city is often to get the bran.
Also, while being boiled with rice bran, overboil and
Cooking hard it is.
So, you can easily put in the hands, many other uses Introducing bamboo shoots with baking soda to remove the coarse taste.

Materials required

  • Baking soda (-1 / 2 TSP per 1 L water
  • Bamboo shoots (with skin)


  1. If you boil them whole: chopped bamboo brush angle and Peel 2 or 3. If you boil the finely cut: chopped bamboo brush, cut in half lengthwise.
  2. If you boil them whole: vertical put one unbroken. If you boil the finely cut: cut the peeled some, easy-to-pot size.
  3. Pour about wearing bamboo shoots, with plenty of water and baking soda into bamboo 4.i multiply by fire drop lid.
  4. Boil until the skewers through abruptly.
    If reasonably small 4-50 minute’s indication. Leave it, cool replacing water and soak in half.

Notes and tips

  • And left to boil, taste and flavor than bamboo remain as is.
  • So too put the baking soda and bamboo may discolor Brown note. New hours water to unplug the color if boiled up, Brown.


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