How to choose a different Spa, enjoy

When choosing a spa, choose by what standards?
Would and better criteria about budget and hot springs effect benefits, food, hospitality Introducing enjoy the hot springs here is difference of their own choosing.

In the Inn as well as enjoy natural hot-spring town and around!

One body is tired and unexpected arrival would journey up springs.
Spa town and select land with abundant nature, narrow range of activity
Where to enjoy relaxing is really soothing. Has spa town can be round or walks near the spa town is recommended.

Try to find unusual Spa

Dare changed a little bit hot pick might be fun.
 There is a change of color system of Government springs
 Kitsuregawa River saotome Onsen , Tochigi Prefecture:
 Beppu Spa, Oita Prefecture:
Naruko Onsen , Miyagi Prefecture:
 System of Government springs is located on undersea hot springs
 Kagoshima Prefecture: hirauchi underwater hot springs (Yakushima Island) Tokyo: Niijima ) hatchet area spas

Hot springs associated with the media

You can enjoy the atmosphere, like watching movies in the landscape.
 System of Government called and became a model for film hot spring Inn
 Gunma prefecture: 40000 hot springs in 積善 Hotel
 Nagano, Japan: Shibuya Springs is fitting Shop
→ has said that this became the model for “spirited away” spirited simple-minded.
 Collaboration with game system of Government springs
 Nagano, Japan: Shibuya Springs
  > ユクモ village of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd ( MHP3rd ) Entire grudging Springs until 1/2011 was collaboration with.

Cat signs are hot spring Inn

Is a cat live well springs Inn. It is of you go free, relaxed cats fun.


I think sticking to the spas of their own, and thereby interest Springs advance fun times!

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