[Martial arts] nourish eyes training method

Create a strong body in the martial arts is Basic. But you can’t spit and Polish to it alone. Without a trained body, nourish eyes can also try starting the?.


The trained eye, two different meanings. See one of them.
Watch your opponent’s moves and to speak with daily. The second is seeing. It is called the mind’s eye “. It is feel the psychology and movement of the opponent in mind. Insight said good will.
Trained out of these two things, if you see the seeing eye is more valid. From watching the movement of the opponent and determine behavior: not it.
Feed not seeing eye to what do begins speaking, see. It is just rather watch day dazed, to observe.
And, your opponent’s thought: movement, see better.
And watch others practice.
When wearing the practice and see. Seeing eye is nourished will in these two things.
But if it is this, no time other than exercise can support the eye of a view.
So read the book when. Book is telling the one found over their predecessors a long time. Reach their State don’t know anything and are know to reach different. Will not get to take advantage of this.
It is an opportunity such that repeating go one step ahead to rival.


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