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which is hard to go although he would like to go to > live house — I introduce the rule of a live house, and manners for such a direction.

— a live house — an outline — buying it — a way — < -- /-- p -- > — “– < -- a href -- = -- " -- http -- : -- /-- /-- www . -- know-how . -- jp/music -- /-- 347 -- /-- " -- > — a live house — enjoying oneself — a way — (– one –) — < -- /-- a -- > — ” — please have a look .


live house” — ” href=”http://www.dismas.jp/aff/index.php?title=%E3%83%AB%E3%83%BC%Ewhich investigates this keyword with an encyclopedia 3%83%AB&. affid=Rq1hj7P9rI.” target=”_blank” > rule – manners [ /]

– The rule in the case of entrance
all standing and
nonreserved seat ] ticket has come, if opening time comes — ticket, and will come in.
Since the way of what has an early reference number (= what has an early reservation purchase etc.) can come in early, it can go to the position which is easy to look at the front etc.
However, since it does not necessarily wait for the turn of those who are not, even if it has a ticket of an early number, when it arrives just before curtain time, it will see at a place distant from a stage.
Moreover, carrying in of a camera, a recorder, and food and drink is forbidden in many cases, and there may be a baggage check in a larger live house.

] cost, = Zepp Tokyo and Akasaka who investigates with an encyclopedia. big live house drink bar beer and cocktail, soft drink
Exchange with one cup of appointed drink can be performed.
It can drink by paying a direct request and money not at a drink ticket system but at a drink counter after the 2nd cup.
However, since a drink is not drunk, a drink is not paid! Because, please become violation of a rule, and keep in mind that it can refuse entrance.



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