Featured comics ‘ invasion!? squid daughter ‘

As a featured comic weekly boys Championship series during the “invasion! Squid girl “here.

‘ Invasion!? squid daughter ‘ and that is a weekly boy champion series in comedy comics. It is 2 times the anime is a popular piece.
Came to invade the earth people who say this story is easily pollute the sea live squid is アットホームコメディ daughter stir. As this comic is good, still Squid will charm the daughter.
And act as transfer percent saying came to invade Earth or ridden, actions justified too sweet anime cuteness also stands out as well as fun as a comedy. No unique members of many other characters, while various characters not hate people.
1 Talk pages are not too many, more than 200 stories while also leaving Comics Vol. 11 and no more. Also from now can easily align. Also without even while not also serve the story many quality as the comedy down to enjoy.
Very interesting, so try to read once, but why? Amazon.co.jp widgets


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