Stone ishinomori shotaro masterpiece Samurai manga

Painted background Edo late stone ishinomori shotaro’s historical drama manga masterpiece.
It is found. [Satake and holding a city detective story] is it.

40 Years ago is a TV anime series was aired on DVD.
Speaking until it’s historical drama anime series of sanpei shirato’s Ninja stuff could almost work. Is one gag manga, Fujiko Fujio, “flower pyunpyun Maru” Mr. Sojiro was Ninja Hattori-Kun’s.
One aired as authentic historical drama anime stage to end around Edo, hero of the troupe and Detective satake-Shi such an average, this work was. For children rather than the story is that can withstand watching adults also were made. A satake straight will resolve the case and the human warmth of nature and city axis.
I lived in Kansai time, aired one day 7:00 PM and the 11:00 PM remember that surprised even 2 times. Is children 7 p.m. adults was settings like look at 11.
Was particularly liked this piece is the opening song. Memory errors without the lyrics not aired early songs just flowed and I. Edo atmosphere and listen to this song even piece had recalled becomes nostalgic feelings.
Since that time, this hero who Yamamoto shugoro’s “Sabu” and film “Zatoichi city” thought is the motif,. Stone-if different Woods Dr., sorry.


Is called power comics and animation powerhouse and is now Japan. The cartoon make animated movies, older works also good once be seen more easily and always hope. Not known to the public works of the past, masterpieces has many fine things, too.


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