Figure nendoroid Puchi

I’m feeling figure of recently built an elaborate, even brought out 2D to 3D intact.
Come here and want is it will be people’s affection.
However, noticeable though suddenly dabble in more realistic figure is difficult…. So when “nendoroid Puchi”

Nendoroid Puchi said

We sale, one of the series of figures, a deformed character design.
Very lovely design.
Unlike the real figure is is easier to accept anyone. Size is approximately 10. Price is 3000-4000 yen, pulling about 1000 in the OTC market?

It features

Nendoroid is fun because the nendoroid is movable, or reproduce scenes. You can also switch to belongings and expressions such as in replaced parts.

Should watch out for is

From lonely and just one and also one of the buy.
If you have two, and cute ones of the same work
Addictive and will make you notice.
In addition, nendoroid nendoroid is first to figure hand to touch what is
May be more elaborate figures want from there. When they get, with your mind.


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