[Carom billiards] Shh would say Love Nurse?

Afraid to write things billiards articles.
Stadium at pocket and Carom, snooker, etc.,
There are a lot,-each skill (term), rules,
It’s people who get mired in the humanity until I took some sentences from different angles, I think.

Love Nursenot heard or imagined huh what? That may be associated with disagreeable things a lot.
If If you however Carom billiards, think those where much as I. Let me briefly techniques.
Nurse of Arts is one of about 5 types, as far as I know. Two object balls, cue ball, it’s thin ball ( licking, billiard Hall, such as name.
) In the scoring goes repeatedly without compromising its shape. Will see reason, it is interesting?
Still, the Seri ( Line Nurse ) There is movement, looks interesting, hard and try hard! not things.
Hard practice Ghastly may figure that is, will see reason and? It is.
In the story I heard, Or are people poked around 80 points in this technology! The great well, God?, or maybe just crazy people. I think and hope to post about billiards maniac who absorbed in this way also.


Carom billiards?? [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biq4psWlnFE]


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