When you want to put out the motivated

And if you’re an important job, Tuesday 10-12 at best
-Key to increase the motivation is the intellectual curiosity
Characteristics of reward deficiency And listen to music, get motivated, good

If you’re an important job, Tuesday 10-12 at best

According to the flow of each day of the psychological state
Saturday, Sunday and holidays, you can refresh the work. Work started Monday, with blue mood.
Myocardial infarction, suicide is often also Monday.
The day Tuesday, accustomed to nasty mood and motivation.
Thursday, firmer, efficiency decreases tired Wednesday,. Friday, the weekend, can’t concentrate on work.
Also Tuesday most concentrate on work.
Best morning do like hormones “dopamine” is out in the 10-12 hours is best.

Intellectual curiosity is a key to increase the motivation

Intellectual curiosity did succeed, fulfillment easy remembers the brain.
And pile up the such experience, get people motivated to rise. Trapped hopes and dreams have more motivated to put out the motivated is easy to succeed.

Features of reward deficiency

General who is the reward ( captures the award-winning ) motivated and can ask for. Without asking for compensation, always has a negative reward deficiency syndrome.
Who is the reward deficiency
Whatever motivated 沸かない.
People often think I Oughta. Entertain a feeling of happiness.
Feel a sense of satisfaction.
Eating for happiness, many overweight people. Along the way, be motivated, dumping for the money.
Long-lasting. The マツコデラックス seems to reward deficiency syndrome.

Motivated to listen to music and good

Information from the ear directly stimulate the brain.
It’s Visual than auditory travels who.
Motivated get listened to songs mashed energy picture than it is. You can raise motivated by listening to their favorite songs.


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