Love the music not to be missed! Earphone chip Parker


Introducing the Parker built-in earphones TV has recently become a hot topic.


Basic information on??

Vendor:Gazelleco., Ltd. Spec Out Fiters

Part number: HoodieBuddie


System of Government vendor introduction page

Please note since leaving the sound.



Murasaki sports ,PLAZA

Things actually look to food is the earphones

Because the earphones code connected Parker back pocket parts

can I listen to music only in connecting music players such as ipod.

So is structure code less intertwined than normal earphones

Sports and comfortably commute, or running music listening that is so!

Moreover, earphones, so soundproof washing seems excellent stuff is OK.

In 3 months from the release Japan 15000 copies sales are popular is continue going because it seems, I-.



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