Enjoy tea ceremony begins to tricks

It is important to try out along the base first, thinking meaning 1つ1つ then examining books and Internet history of the tea ceremony.

Knowing the history of tea

Tea ceremony and will separately worries! Think about manners, do it!
It is however. And no originality, creative without determined, without knowing anything doing nothing!
Knowing the history and background first, first,. What is intended, or knowing it made any sense of overall is important.

Know the basics of tea

The second is best rudimentary actually wipe of the let in from the fold.
While fold or collapse like this, why the practice thinking is key. At the same time, try basic as even rudimentary in the rudimentary, such as walking on tatami mats and sliding door opening. Try doing this walk why, what steps is determined, or to validate yourself going. Then, surprise, you can notice is made reasonably about the real thing. No waste! What is it, and notice things on your own, is interested.

Point enjoy tea ceremony

When starting the most important thing is to first of all, proportion documentation while trying out, in other words, my head, why? Why? Rearranging and consider the positioning point. Without knowing, of course, can answer without having to go and when. Proceeded to the next stage has doubts, it’s Oh! Gone and things suddenly seem to come, and OMG is very enjoyable.
Also need to solve their doubts and to know as soon as the interest of the world, know the history. Thousand important also to find out about Sen no Rikyu. From the aesthetics of the tea world is understood by doing so, it is.
Why tea is the art, the road-and know that practically the insipid and homemaking just just like only. Put another way, no matter how remember the reasonable manners became possible in makes things really bland 味わえなかったり radical aesthetics, 味わえなかったら the world, and it regretted the creative world.
First of all, they are only read from examining documentation books, buy. You don’t need to buy expensive teacups and tea to align from the beginning of. ( from know something really worth a buy! )


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