Wings with dumplings recipe

Introduces how to easily make feathers with dumplings come out in the shop at home. Delicious crisp texture is through.

Materials required

  • Dumplings retail (packs are sold like Guy)
  • 50 Cc about water
  • One-teaspoon flour
  • Pinch of starch
  • Sesame oil


  1. Burn the dumplings around pulls the oil pan, Grill burned arrives at the bottom.
  2. Between dumpling burnt to prevent water, flour, starch DAMA leave impure.
  3. Grill burned after dumplings, water beaten wheat powder & specimen and chestnut flour, cover the pan.
  4. Skip the moisture. You opened the little end it without fully sealed pan with lid, can indicate moisture trance.
  5. Sesame oil, satisfied that the dumplings will move and shake the Pan calls to finish.
  6. Covered dish pan, put upset voila!

Notes and tips

  • Is natural, rather than commercial dumplings, homebrew dumplings can be.
  • Changed the mix of water, flour, starch by frying, it might be good. Example uses Nonstick Skillet.


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