Ideal for those fat snacks! Yuzusuko shoots and tofu salad

Easy to make tofu with fresh shoots are appetizers.

Materials required

  • 1 Pack raw shoots
  • One Ding Momen tofu
  • Dosage of soy sauce
  • Yuzusuko (green) dosage
  • (And, like pepper)


  1. To plunge off shoots, Bukkake bean curd is hand mix nature in my Salad Bowl.
  2. 1 Yuzusuko and soy sauce over dosage is made. ( When hotness not enough please sprinkle pepper.
     - Yuzusuko the Corporation Takahashi shopping 9: 00 to 17: 30 will be retrieved in the TEL:0120-789-118. >Yuzusuko HP here

Notes and tips

  • A good idea and tofu you drain gas before.


I are drinking shochu mixed with green tea in this salad every day.
Blood pressure also dropped, and diet.
When unobtainable shoots “carve kelp” in increasingly substituted carve food of kelp is also offers tasty enough. Please please please trial once.

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