[Gardening] magic nutrient

Notice to those doing the gardening, garden.
Your worries in nutrient or not?
It is serious and many kinds, and also to moderate. So we teach the wisdom of our ancestors.

Rice would also know how to do often, everybody has abandoned Resharpening juice contained various nutrients you know?
Well, I and seen the rice bran SOAP and cosmetics, Resharpening of rice bran’s nutrients included in soup.
Huh I would throw it out,.
Resharpening of rice soup, all old farmer was plants using nutrient. Usage is simple.
The first Resharpening intact it the juice with water, do it over at the base of the plant is just good. So you can expect a price with ever higher nutrient, inferior benefits, try it yourself.


  1. Resharpening of rice is put the soup at the base of the plant. As a guide, 2 times per week is enough.


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