Let’s burn the Fuchu baked!

Have eaten only in the eastern part of Hiroshima Prefecture Fuchu-Shi in the Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki Okonomiyaki has changed little.
Instead of pork belly meat, crisp and fragrant Okonomiyaki. Would like a hard, try is surprisingly easy!

Material (2 minutes)
* Okonomiyaki powder: 1 / 2 cup
* water… about 1 / 4 cup ( added little by little while crepe fabric much rustle )
* great chicken broth… 1 / 2 tsp 
→ This mix the dough.
* to eight place shredded… cabbage
* mutual ground… (such as pork or allowed 100 g
* eggs… two
* beside ( Yakisoba )—2
* dried bonito powder… dosage
*’s… dosage
* Blue onion, favorite ( )
* source (your favorite source or Cape source)
First, stretches oil heated hot plate, fabric, and rounded thin crepe like.
The dried bonito powder sprinkled on it.
Place has a little dried cabbage, plump and heaping lets.
Between noodles and releasing the season pointless pretend a little, overlap further on the cabbage.
And to put minced evenly on the buckwheat, drooling a little dough from ground beef stick noodles and.
Fabric had become browned did most spirited into turns. Cabbage fly a little too is okay.
Leave about upsetting fabric underneath.
Burn while holding it while about 10 minutes.
Oil comes from meat here, beside the crisply and is caught.
Cabbage is Shin and thickness becomes thinner, and divided by the egg next to the round-at least extends.
Its eggs on slide lift Okonomiyaki piled up until now.
Again, turns was eggs, meat, buckwheat, cabbage, fabrics, from the bottom.
There, put sources. There’s but different in the onion also delicious!


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