Aburaage [why ttena pizza]

Beancurd is a bargain buy in or 10 yen at is (laughs) Beer, hot snacks, do you?

Materials required

    I’m OK at bargain-basement goods.

  • Aburaage
  • One of the boiled sliced
  • Mayonnaise
  • Cheese
  • Shichimi, green onion and soy sauce


  1. The bite can beancurd.
  2. That put the cheese on the finely cut → boiled mayonnaise.
  3. This put on toast. (A few minutes not to burn)
  4. Out of the toaster, where beancurd crisp over Leek with shichimi.
  5. This soy sauce over and voila.
    Easy’s bargain, so still, so products and getting here is-.
    Shichimi, mayonnaise, cheese or even be okay (laughs) Only your choice!


So delicious beancurd becomes a BariBari more
If you work the gung-ho had to ride from all the
Put beancurd only once the toaster’s Gung from… Pick one, or good toaster again even if I think!



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