Japanese Style Wedding Custom

If you attend Japanese style wedding, there are things you should know before being there.

Tips for Japanese Wedding

Japanese style wedding shall be conducted solemnly as compared to American style wedding.
Here is a general Japanese style wedding program.

1. A groom and bride come in to a party room. Attendees have a seat before they come.
2. A groom’s boss gives a speech to a groom, a bridge and their parents and relatives.
3. A bridge’s boss or her important person gives a speech. Before this, food and drinking are not started.
4. A groom’s important person gives a short speech and toast with everybody.

5. Enjoy dinner with your neighbors for a while. You can go visit a groom’s and a bridge’s seat and conglomerate.
6. About time party is close to the end, a bride reads a thanks letter to her parent. I would say that this is the most solemn and moving time of the overall party time.
7. A groom and bride leave the party room with their parents. They will be ready to say,Thank you for coming, on the way you leave.


Hope this tips help you.


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