【kimono】Japanese Traditional Coloring (Kaga Yuzen)

Kaga Yuzen is one of the most traditional and beautiful coloring technique.
If you are interested in the Japanese Kimono or clothing, you must check this out.

Kaga Yuzen(kimono)

The term Kaga is a place located in the north west in Japan. The place is generally chilly and cloudy.
Without a doubt, the environment fostered its unique coloring technique called Kaga Yuzen.
Because of the elegant coloring, it is often used for Japanese Kimono.

There are many other coloring used for Kimono, such as Tokyo Yuzen, Kyoto Yuzen, and Tegaki Yuzen.
What Kaga Yuzen is outstanding is that nature like trees, birds, and flowers are often described in material.


I strongly recommend Kaga Yuzen for Japanese Kimono!


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