[Work] to work as a saleswoman at the ballpark

During the games such as soccer, football, and baseball games,
About the so-called each stand to peddle food saleswoman Or how do I become here.

1, What is on the job?

Sales of beer, whisky, drinks, lunch, snacks and ice cream.

So, beer is sold carrying barrels weighing about 10 kilograms of Equivalent, like demanding physically.

2, Salary, how much?

Percentage of base salary and travel expenses, plus sales ( 1 sales of $ 25-40 yen ) seems to. Only want to different company standard.
※ Payroll is calculated in the battle, reimbursement is generally so lien after.

Working hours, roughly 3 hours before or after, depending on the stadium The business far behind the 7-8 times.
Does not sell basic extension lines, big game, another case seems to be.

3. Applicants are?

General age limit is the same as and the other for normal there will be a part-time job. However, twenties like many from late teens reality.
No gender restrictions. Taking advantage of the characteristics like earns a Commission.

Look for jobs, 4 where’s?

Most of Word of mouth from a part-time job is key.
Recruitment notice of magazines is conducted immediately before the opening.


System of government jobs list ※ excerpt
The preparations and personnel lack of time, such as randomly listed Please check below the legume.

◯ Meiji Jingu Stadium part-time job information http://www.Jingu-Stadium.com/base.html

◯ Chiba marine Stadium http://www.Marines.co.jp/news/detail/130.html

◯ Yokohama Stadium http://www.yokohama-stadium.co.jp/faq/index.html

◯ Tokyo Dome ※ salesclerk jobs that try to contact. http://www.Tokyo-Dome.co.jp/Arbeit/

◯ Nagoya dome part-time job information http://Dragons.jp/nagoyadome/Arbeit.html


◯ Dome http://fullcast.jp/job/JobDetail.do?siteType=01&workSeq=0014668&viewMode=

◯ koshien Hanshin http://fullcast.jp/job/JobDetail.do?siteType=01&workSeq=0014776

◯ Kyoto Kyocera Dome (Osaka Dome) http://fullcast.jp/job/JobDetail.do?siteType=01&workSeq=0013949

◯ Sapporo Dome part-time job information http://www.Sapporo-Dome.co.jp/company/saiyou.html

Try to find other recruitment notices, such as magazines, etc.


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