Tried together around the Central Yamanashi Stadium parking information.

Yamanashi Silver stadium (Yamanashi Kose Sports Park Athletics Hall) helpful so I summarized the nearby parking.

Yamanashi Silver stadium seating chart is here.
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Kose Sports Park parking

The hotel free parking around the Stadium are. Be so stopped approximately 1,800 cars, full rarely.
Charge: free

Parking: about 1,800 vehicles

Private car parking around the stadium

Private parking extraordinary opening at J League held around the Kose Sports Park
 So never almost not stopped cars around the stadium.
 Since taking charge of 1,000 yen nowhere about, just free If you want to leave your safe is 2 hours prior to going to the stadium.
Price: 1,000 yen generally Parking capacity: 100 cars total

Kofu station nearby parking

Approximately 20-30 minutes by bus to the Stadium from Kofu station.
 Can’t Park around the stadium, unless there is a great But just in case.
-Parking Yamanashi Kotsu
    Kofu station until now.
       30 Price: ¥ 210 /
    On the day up 1,260 Yen price


Parking capacity: 128

Times-Kofu Station North exit
    Kofu station until now.
       Charge: maximum parking lot after 24 hours price: ¥ 900
       7:00-200 Yen
    22:00, 100 Yen

Parking capacity: 72 http://times-info.NET/map/parkdetails/BUK0022701.html

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