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Here at the Saitama Stadium seating chart

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Saitama Stadium parking

Saitama Stadium parking lot is available general customers
 You will use the private parking near.
 So, as many farmers open temporary parking around the stadium Parking at 1,500 yen-1,000 yen 1.

Ion Urawa misono

Stadium until about 20 minutes on foot.
 Since a considerable number of stopped
 Little more comfortably.
 In 100 yen shuttle bus from Urawa Park station to Saitama Stadium
  So ride it hands.
  Price: exceed 2 hours free for first 2 hours after 30 min 100 yen

Parking :4,000 units http://www.Aeon.jp/SC/urawamisono/access_park.html

Times Urawa misono

Until the stadium 15 minutes walk.
  Cheap price so recommended.
     Charge: maximum parking lot after 24 hours price: ¥ 400
  00: 00-00: 00 60 分, 100 yen

Parking units: 52 http://times-info.NET/map/parkdetails/BUK0022371.html

NPC24H Urawa beauty Park No. 2 parking

Until the stadium 15 minutes walk.
  Shuttle bus available from Urawa Park station.
      Price: [normal]
      At the 100 yen / 60 minutes
     Maximum charge 24 hour 300 yen each
      [Saitama Stadium event held at:
      At 200 yen / 30 minutes
  Maximum charge 24 hour 1,000 yen each


Parking units: 211 http://www.NPC-NPC.co.jp/parking/Park/449/

Kita Koshigaya station nearby parking

Because shuttle came also from Kita-Koshigaya station on Stadium event days It also hands.
-Kita Koshigaya station East exit 3
   60 Minutes price: 200 yen Parking: 13 units
Kita-Koshigaya station West exit
   Price: 20 minutes / 100 maximum price ¥ 300 billion

Parking: 23 units http://www.repark.jp/

Kita-Koshigaya times
   Price: 30 min 100 yen up 1,000 yen price

Parking: 17 units http://times-info.NET/map/parkdetails/BUK0012317.html

-Times Kita Koshigaya-2
      Price: 8:00 100 yen
   22:00, 100 Yen

Parking units: 155 http://times-info.NET/map/parkdetails/BUK0015752.html

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