[Gardening] raising Forsythia

Forsythia yellow spring flowers to. It is easy to grow so strong in the cold.


  1. -Ways of cutting experiment
    Before new buds come at the do 2-3 month.
    First cut the branch length of 20. Keep sticking it damp sand OK. You do not dry roots come after a while.
    Solid roots, at 植え替えましょう. Early growth, because sometimes they flower from spring of next year depending on the environment.
  2. And replanted Replanted do when it grows.
    Best is 11-3, long, Midwinter is avoided? If the pot was used ever more around something big.
    Suddenly that big pot and root 育ちません enough.
    If planted as if planted land, okay.
    So lot stretch branches from the ground when planted in deep with soil without the mountain better. Water make giving and relocated shortly after.
  3. And to raise
    Heat and cold so strong, you raised throughout the year in sunny places okay. If areas planted in the rain alone is sufficient.
    You better and keep some soil that never gets dry, summer. Topsoil is dry and give potted plant for good.


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