[Gardening] raising hydrangea

Typical flowers in the rainy season, and hydrangea. Why not raised in the House?


  1. And to cutting experiment
    When growing hydrangeas cuttings from the trees.
    Early June about the cut branches not flowers about 2-3 paragraph long tips.
    Parts of wear at the leaves, extrapolate, put sand pot. Avoid direct sunlight, and half by shade, roots at in approximately one month.
  2. -Planting After winter dormancy period into do the planting of seedlings.
    If severe cold cold winter to avoid, good 3-4 month.
    plant, well-drained soil.
    But do you know how many, flower color changes by soil acidity of hydrangea.
    Strong acid and alkaline, blue is strong and will be pink. To change the soil alkaline if give dilute in water such as superphosphate fully! / 2 times as much as standard 3-flowering until
  3. And to raise
    Sunny location preferred is grow enough shade even half if Japan of hydrangeas. Japan of strong, cold origin of Western origin is weak cold.
    If you bring up hassle-free Japan native species? Long is good exactly always damp soil.
    However, poor drainage is not good. Also, the sterile little flowering is creepy, so only give the water.
  4. And care under clause 2 as part of flowers from late July to mid-August.
    So switching too much because the flowers lose next year, is the note. And because Bud is made in around September-October, when getting back is not.


It is popular as the rainy season and said the hydrangea flower. Using the properties of different color of the soil well, try Bloom’s favorite color is??


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