[Books and reading: how to write a book review blog

On reading leads to is just simply not read books, summarized the contents of the book their own thoughts to write to elevate the level of understanding. One of the ways the book review blog.
But stray would start book review blog, what to do. So this ライフレシピ, provides “how to write a book review blog”.

Points to note

Book review blog is very useful in helping to organize knowledge. However, note on writing a book review blog.
It is aware of copyright to write it. Copyright involves books, so things were published. Offense without a careful because in some cases being considered plagiarism by writing, is considered copyright infringement.

How to write a book review blog

-Decide to Step1 using blogs and SNS First of all, let’s write book review blog, what kind of service.
Already have your own blog, good make “book reviews” category. Register who still don’t have a blog or blog or using SNS’s diary, book publishing service.
-Check the Institute become Step2 books read like Place write a book once, let’s actually reading books. Place, such as markers and sticky notes while reading, I was can help you remember when writing entries and check the.
And to quote exact Step3 When introducing that written in the book, exactly let me quote. If the quoted sentence can alter the expression not allowed.
Let me quote the original. When you quote, so clearly understood or where quoted, to distinguish other sentences.
It is important to understand and clearly cited uses indent and italicise. Do not also configure entries referenced only in the. Without fail, let me to my writing. Otherwise, it is considered plagiarism.
-Write Step4-feedback-your opinion If you write a book review blog, or thoughts and my opinion is required.
Must configure entries referenced only in Step3 also wrote, is. Quote is consider as gimmicks to introduce my opinion only.


Book review blog and thus will absorb the contents of the book very well. Please, try these methods


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