Enjoy the mystery novel

I wanted to enjoy their own mystery novel. Also the brain teaser.

Speaking of mysteries and understood from the first criminal from motivation thanks type look and
I think and divide the types you don’t know the culprit until the end, and type of unravelling the mystery of the tricks, etc. Than personally is understood from the first criminal stories like mystery gunman looking type.
Close the book several times during reading.
And we reason export characters and relationships and their notes, etc. Repetition is really interesting way of doing this, just not telling only read many times.


Tricks to think think became head gymnastics, activation of the brain also very good.
Can take a long even ordinary one size.
And it still works roughly how interesting is mystery of popular writers. Or confirm your thoughts hit the perpetrators and tricks the best feel good.
By the way, is a collection of mystery short too much recommended does not.
As such, because funny is short characters From small think go deep psychological and material?



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