[Yamagata specialties] hippari noodles recipe

In one of how to eat the noodles in the Yamagata Prefecture land Division, particularly mountainous village.
Eat shit すくい上げて ( noodles with mainly ) noodles cooked from the pot or pan, made such as natto or mackerel cans intact ( put-to-politicizing ) style noodles. Introduce a hippari noodle recipe.

Materials required

  • Udon dosage
  • Natto dosage
  • Allium dosage
  • Dosage of soy sauce


  1. 茹でます udon. Is firm favourite noodle, so soak in the water longer recommended hardening.
  2. Leeks cut aligns to a reasonable size.
  3. Ingredients for the sauce
    Mix the soy sauce, scallions, natto. Taste, mix the condiments such as bonito and shichimi.
  4. When boiled pot the cow.
  5. It can be snapped noodles from the pot Brake, briefly put the sauce, and 絡めたり, eat your favorite dining.

Notes and tips

  • Good mix mackerel cans tuna, 鮭缶, taste the sauce, I think.


Think you’ll enjoy providing a spicy variety.
For example, is sliced myoga, Welsh onion, 古漬け and Takuan, chopped, etc.
Made only in soy sauce is salty, so even if noodle soup seems to be. Variations of seaweed, heavenly recently and add butter, cheese, margarine, and is wide.


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