Le Mans type start

One of the start method of the race. The name realized that had been done in the Le Mans Endurance race.

(1) Sorted machine engine cut off course by (in order of qualifying), drivers or riders waiting at the edge of the road opposite.
(2) Driver or rider かけ寄り on my machine at the start signal to start the engine running.


Sports car on one side of the course, drivers are up to from the other side of the course to take. Start method was used from 1925, this race is the origin of its name. However, there remains too much rush to start not seat belt properly to launch. While the other players run together toward the machine in the same race was held in 1969 Jacky Ickx had sued the danger always for how to start this on board and started walking toward the machine go, fasten your seat belt properly was by protest to this start to start. None the less, started this race from the end of the whole difference 130 m second won. Deprecated 1969 as long as this in the Le Mans 24 hour race.
Stopped drivers Board in 1970, is still slanted to one side of the course starting with signal irregular Le Mans type start and became became a typical rolling start from 1971.
Not employed almost four-wheel car race in the current race for two-wheeled rather ( Suzuka 8 hours endurance road race, ) at is often seen to start. From 1925 until 1927 were rules “and start the engine driver ran up to me from raising the hood and driving, but don’t lower hood until the passage of 20 laps”. True meaning was also as a way to compete for usefulness as reliable during engine starting motor.

From source: wikipedia

[Sample image] Suzuka 8 resistance race start [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAq5WiAVojo]


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