Global domain name starting with P list

And the Japan domain name “. JP “of it exists world 254, as countries and regions in their own domain name. List countries starting here P domain.

.PA Panama Panama
.PE Peru Peru
.PF French Polynesia French Polynesia
.PG Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea
me Philippines Philippines
.PK Pakistan Pakistan
.pl Poland Poland
.pm St. Pierre and Miquelon Miquelon (France)
.PN Pitcairn Pitcairn Islands (UK)
.PR Puerto Rico Puerto Rico (US)
.PS Palestine Palestine
.PT Portugal Portugal
.PW Palau Palau
.py Paraguay Paraguay

This information is of April 2011. Country, split the country domain itself may also by effects such as reflections, or disappear. Get a domain name is basically served the world. If you want domain, immediately take taking!


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