[The basics] And JP domain?

JP domain was divided basically universal JP domain (.jp ) and attribute type JP domain (.com ) .

  • Attribute type JP domain name Is a domain name ending in “.jp” (JP domain) of the organization type label and becomes the second level and third-level domain is the organization name and domain name.

    Membership is decided by registering your organization type. Non-profit corporation for “co.jp”, for the non-profit corporation “or.jp Japan diplomatic missions of foreign Governments and international institutions”, and “ne.jp means for many network services”. Attribute type JP domain name, I can’t register only one organization per match and geographic type JP domain name.

  • General-use JP domain names JP domain name may be “XXX.jp” at the second level to register registration of preferred name is.

    Generic JP introduced as a 2001 new framework, rather than just the name of your organization, originally JP domain name was attribute type domain names such as “XXX.ne.jp” or “XXX.co.jp in the above” (see above), is widely utilized, product or event name. Some attribute type JP domain name failed to register 1 domain only one organization per principle, the introduction of generic JP free now to register. Domain names significantly eased the constraints, such as, domain name is easy to individuals or to use the domain name for Japan ( Japan language.jp ) registered until it has become.

I prefer replays companies so attribute type JP domain cannot register only one organization per, not to get ahead-. And it is taken, the owner of the domain revocation also no chance unless, taking from it?!


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