[The basics] and gTLD?

and gTLD stands forgeneric Top Level Domain , domain name registration rights that people all over the world, top-level domains used on the Internet ( TLD ). Supplier called the worldwide ICANN management, ICANN approved Registrar conducts assignment operations.

Why, only the g at the beginning of the case or is unknown (laughs)

Three “commercial”.com”, network”.net”, non-profit.org’ (limit never actually registered organization) generally widely prevalent, such as”.biz”,”.info”generic company dedicated a new gTLD was started in 2001. look, wikipedia says

  • com-commercial.com( ) Not limited to Internet in recent years as the “dot-com” used as the service name is increased. can be mistaken for a company (company) and often correctly (commercial and commercial) commercial for stands for.
  • .NET(-network ) Network infrastructure. Individuals and non-profit organizations can get in.
  • org organisation.org( ) Unlimited on non-profit organizations.

In 3 type here is the oldest, originally was a United States of America world is available in the current domain name.

  • .info( info info ) Operational 10/1/2001

Often far 4 type thing is getting, use without any restrictions.

  • biz-business.biz( ) Commercial domain. 5/21/2001 Registration. NeuLevel’s registry.
  • .name( primarily personal ) “First… last name.name” that introduced a unique system, like that to get a domain named “first name @ separates.name” forwarding email address for sale. But without the domain actually enable e-mail, get the of is having to deal with specific Registrar maintains “separates.name” domain forwarding is required, take note. Still current, normally regardless of the personal name of “~.name” that domain also available.
  • .Pro( lawyers, doctors, accountants and activities ) .Pro is one of the top-level domains. Founded in 2002 and is operated by Registry Services Corporation. This domain is to site visitors who intended to inform you that the site owners in specialist made. official certificate that website owners experts.pro is as well used.

Had become. Also, other

  • .aero Aviation industry
  • ARPA According to the recommendation of the Internet Architecture Board, as only operated on the Internet critical infrastructure on the host name specified for the area.
  • .Asia Asia-Pacific companies, organizations and individuals.
  • .cat Catalan language and culture.
  • .Coop Cooperative
  • .edu Post-secondary educational institutions
  • .gov In the United States federal, State and local government agencies.
  • .int International institutions established by the Treaty.
  • .jobs Employment-related sites.
  • MIL United States Army.
  • .mobi The mobile site.
  • .Museum Museum and art gallery.
  • .Tel Telephone and Internet communications services. Add 3/2/2007
  • .travel Such as travel agencies, airlines, hotels, travel Bureau

It may be. Uses limited they are, so are not familiar with it?


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