[The basics] domain name?

Domain names in General has become now, until a few years ago is the URL of the website of the company provider domain was not unusual or even become.

I still sometimes see that company’s site. What I now, and the domain name at all? Runner would say, domain names, website access to required , generally, ” domain name on the Internet address “, will place.

In particular, is part of the “hogehogehoge email address and Internet website address (URL) @ 000.com’ 000 .

And a little more learn more about Wikipedia’s

Domain name (domain name) is a part of the name to identify the individual computers in a computer network. Is centrally managed by ICANN, is like not overlapping absolutely in the world. Usually set with IP address registered on the computer network. In many cases, domain name and lower one or multiple host names, also its own domain name, host name. Conversion of IP address and host name, Domain Name System, including the domain name is running.

It is said.

It is produced. Together with the

  • x x x.com’s x x x part is the domain.
  • Domains are all managed by ICANN.
  • 1: 1 Relationship between domain names and IP addresses:
  • IP address and domain name string = the Domain Name System DNS is wearing.

And feeling. Get a domain name is basically served the world. If you want domain, immediately take taking!


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