Game genre

The genre of a broad game.
What becomes the Daigen is introduced.
How about finding a favorite genre and looking for a game?

■ Action game
a character — the right — the left — it is a game of the type to move.
Most, it is a basic genre and is made OO action game, etc. other genres, and a bundle in many cases.
■ Adventure game
While an action game is dynamic, an adventure can be called type which is thought over and moved.
The arbitrary places of a choice or a screen are mainly clicked and a tale is advanced.
■ It is a game with the field of both which are called an action adventure game action + adventure.
It could be said that the solution-of-a-riddle element etc. were added to the action game.
■ Action RPG
It is a game with the field of both which are called action game +RPG.
Elements, such as an experience value of RPG and equipment, are strongly added to an action game.
■ Training Simulation training.
It opts for action per day ? week, and makes a parameter go up and down.
There is [ that generating and a result are influenced etc. and ] an event with the value of the parameter.
■ Music game
The game which made music the theme.
Pressing a specific key according to a rhythm etc. has a strong element of action.
■ Character game
The general term of the game which pushed out characters, such as anime and comics, mainly rather than the genre.
Since such a thing has only many games which share the good luck of character popularity, it is inferior in game nature etc. in many cases.
■ Game featuring young girls
The general term of the game which made the girl main rather than the genre.
While there are many useless games for which the character game depended on character popularity, it has gathered here from the masterpiece to the trash.
This is only what the trash overflowed and returned, as a result of many companies’ entering only targeting a success’s successor.
■ Quiz game
It is a general term of the game which made quiz the subject.
Since it cannot sell probably unless it adds +alpha to quiz, it is a minor genre.
■ Sound novel
Literally, they are sound and a novel.
It is the genre by which probability was carried out in the “St. John’s wort” of software, and “the night which leaving cares about.”
A novel is displayed on a screen and it heaps up by music or a sound effect.
A choice is displayed on appearance in the work, it is chosen, and a tale is advanced.
■ Survival horror
Like the hero of a horror picture, they are things, such as a game in which survival is risked and which escapes from it.
Production has many splatter things and many become an adventure.
■ Simulation game
The general term of the game reproducing a certain specific situation.
O It is divided into further many genres in the form of O simulation.
■ Shooting game
The general term of a game which shoots a cartridge etc. with an enemy.
There are many types mainly ridden and fought on fighter plane.
Such many things are called Smoke shooting that especially an enemy’s cartridge fills a screen.
■ Sports games
The general term of the game dealing with a sport.
what thought as important the action nature which plays a sport to a シミューレション element — a color — the kind is various to what was made deep.
■ Virtual game
The game of a type which moves the body.
Although it was small a long time ago, the kind increased by the appearance of Wii.
■ Waging-war fighting game
A kind of an action game.
A grapple element is made into a subject and a partner is mainly beaten by 1 to 1.
■ Escape game
The game aiming at escaping from closing space.
Many escape by being able to obtain an item, if the arbitrary parts on a screen are looked for, and combining it.
What had both the adventure and the puzzle with it.
■ Table games
General terms, such as mah-jongg, othello, and shogi.
■ Puzzle game
The general term of the game which solves a puzzle.
especially — “TETRIS” — “PuyoPuyo” — the thing [ like ] is called the funny punch line thing puzzle.


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