Net terms

Net terms。

■ Fee collection
Pay a price to the charged item offered from a management company.
Or the thing of the charged item itself.
As for the original meaning, a management company needs to ask for a price the user of the service which a management company provides.
= to charge — although asked, since it is the right usage, as original usage, the above is misuse.
However, the usage in which = price using = fee collection item charged as how the present is used is paid is common.
■ Fee collection item
The income source in a basic no charge type online game.
It is [ that it is various from a thing like an arms protector to the thing for carrying a game advantageously, and ].
In a browser game, it is especially remarkable, and the uncharged person cannot defeat a fee collection person probably.
■ Gatsha
The common name of the fee collection system out of which it is random and an item comes.
It exists in most net games.
There are many patterns that the item of comparatively others which will be tens of thousands of units for a rare item to come to hand is only as garbage, and they are a user’s dissatisfied kinds.
Although management tended to be done and it was until now, it whispers also about the motion of laws and regulations to the sake too plainly.
■ hunting place
The place in which an enemy is present.
In the place with an experience value, sufficient money, Drop, etc., people gather easily.
a result — a hunting place — it is scrambled in many cases and is easy to become a trouble.
There are many users who wish good hunting place distribution.
■ Fire power
It is mainly a thing of the high level of offensive strength.
■ Can strike
Count stop.
A level, status, etc. went up to the limit.
■ Wall
The occupation which receives an enemy’s attack in itself, or the thing of a role.
■ Delete Characgters
Delete a character.
Since the number of characters which can be made from one account was decided,
Since it is necessary to build new account or to delete the existing character when trying to make a new character.
■ Contractor
People who performed the large-scale RMT act and have got cash earnings.
Especially the China system is called Chinese.
The illegal act of those other than RMT is also calm, and is performed, and it does not care about disruptive behavior, such as hunting place monopoly, either.
Naturally it is but disliked by the user.
■ Guild
An original meaning is a group of the person using specific skill.
By MMO, the guild master has also pointed out the gathering of players with the player mostly.
Treatment like a club or a circle.
Usually in the game which is recommended as a community and has a guild system, it is equipped fully with the characteristic chat system etc.
The name of this gathering changes with games and a name called a guild has some which are used in the sense of original in this case.
■ Giru Masu
The abbreviation for a guild master.
The person who started the guild.
The person in charge of a guild.
■ Giru Men
A guild member’s abbreviation.
Guild member.
■ Qwest
The thing of a system which can obtain remuneration by filling the specific subject given from NPC.
Even if it does not win popularity, from satisfactory some, there are Qwest indispensable for change of occupation etc.
■ Click game
The general term of “the game in which a battle advances an enemy with an after-click auto attack” mostly seen to South Korean MMORPG.
Since there is no action nature and it can play relaxedly, it is for beginners.
■ Closed beta
beta test done by number limitation.
Collection of a tester is performed by a homepage etc. and the game of a beta version reaches a successful candidate.
If it is not a popular game, it will be comparatively easy to win.
■ Client
The program for playing a game in a net game is pointed out.
■ Mr. Please give
The thing of a player which says, “An item gives some to me” etc. and presses it an item.
Although it is an act disliked fundamentally, since the player immersed in sense of superiority by giving an item is also, it is not lost easily.
■ Monthly amount fee collection
The fee collection form which needs the usage fee of account.
many cases — a 30 day OO circle — account becomes a use stop if a charge is not paid like.
Once, although it was mainstream fee collection organization, it changed to the item fee collection system rapidly.
■ Formal
A management re-degree
■ Formal RMT
Sell not the RMT act by a third party but the fee collection item etc. which the management itself tends to convert into money to a game secret communication fault.
Although RMT is not necessarily carried out directly, of course, since it has the same effect as it, it is called like this.