Net terms A-E

Net start to recommend. This is a glossary of terms commonly used in the net.

AFK?? Away from keyboard stands.
  Meaning is off the seat.

Remain logged in when you leave the seats used
  Attacker?? An attacker.

That attack by in the party.
  Last resort operated side to break a cheating player’s account.

Also called grime BAN.
  And they bite program MORPG, MMORPG, such as
  Characters automatically and operation level raised, and item collecting.

Is a fraud.
  Browser Game?? Browser game.
  Client download required,

Can online games that run on the browser.
  Buff?? That effect, such as equipment and magic to enhance the character.

And buff.
  CC?? Abbreviation for Character Change.

Can you back and log in another character.
  Unusual defense poor character or status, such as That such adverse effects magic effects.

And debug.

Debuff gradually giving damage against opponents, such as poison and curse it.
  DPS?? Stands for Damage Per Second.
  The amount of damage given to 1 seconds and literally.

In indicator or given much of the damage in time.
  Item the enemy got.

Things get difficult, called rare Drop, is trading higher.
  Bug or cheat and use in-game currency and items Things easily and quickly multiply.

Of course, is a violation.
  EXP?? -Meaning of “exp” stands for “Experience point”. Level rise and certain constant values. widgets


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