DOS and Don’ts and and better during the fall the [ski]

Prevent injury as much as possible on ski Let’s realize safer and better.
And introduce and more!

And those of part 1

You must be next to fall when I fall down.
Front and back will be aware of early 心がけよう to fall to the next.

And those laws part 2

During the next fall, realizing as much as possible close feet.
Open Board away bent knocked legs change direction to the snow Could there be injured.

And those laws part 3

During the fall, and so fall in consciousness without as much as possible or the arm also stick to the body.

And please before so when important ground out arms. And it is not more likely to arm injury.

It hints at the end of the fall

When I fall down speed unless out very I to determine ahead of time is safe.


When finally, the speed is 出すぎて Please be careful especially.
And where the extra soft snow fall is best.


Decide ahead of time at slow speed.


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