How to choose a PC beginner

Introduces how to choose a PC beginner.


  1. • Beginners look at where to buy?
    -> General-manufacturer (Sony and NEC… ) but would-
    Handling major domestic manufacturers beginners and anyone so that is has produced ~ ~
    High versatility for various software in advance ~ ~ I become tractable anyone
    While leading manufacturer of non-PC (frontier, Acer, DELL…) is-
    For most small minimum-software for running personal computers, but not in-

    Little treatment done in habituation is required-
    • About the game…
    -Leave briefly in this section for the structure itself is different little PC game
    -Have equipment to handle the information that “CPU” PC
    -Should say “GPU” and another to video processing equipment
    “GPU” is important, than “CPU” game to-
    General PC game suited for “onboard”-not
    So detailed that put to-try- CPU: GPU:
    • From when you buy a PC, still amassed knowledge to some degree we buy?

    I no it knowledge in between the
    • How do stored knowledge?
    Anyway-computer after long time working with nature and through-knowledge about

    After-clerk and talking-knowledge-as himself
    Such as over-the-counter-demo-strongly recommended anyway-because the machine is putting touch that PC-first experience required!


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