Tricks to make time away from your PC

PC tends to be done for a long time inadvertently is also a very useful and interesting,. Point is not I smelling it did for a long time.

Determine the time

If you’re fiddling with the computer hobbyist let’s set a rough time.
Until one day many times and can create rules to prevent overkill. ‘S face for a long time PC that causes such as vision loss from the put time limit is valid for health.

Determine the quotas

If you’re just surfing the net is not suitable for this method, or making a home page for example to determine the quota is enabled.
Home-from work, such as the building are visible to end forever is away doing it. From mentally tired let’s the norm of the day. Those little advanced planning proceed efficiently.

No charge

People who use laptops, such as a valid way.
Even when used at home is to not charge!
And start messing around with State always rest much half battery just charging off in good time. Charging off and somehow it should be feeling switch. As way of forcing may who just can’t leave.


Can even if all you do is clean long and around somewhat, if others do remain careful sharp.


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