HP tricks change image and the mouse hits

Hit the mouse HP images will change what you saw? And company other that often. Will effective to frequently look contemporary popular broadband image load time too narrow age, reverse was it unclear if 10 minutes. Why not try?

To switch the image, you must fiddling a bit <IMG> tags.
This tag for normal <IMG> < img src = “; image nameinstance” >
And <IMG> tags, it intersects the mouse changes < img src = “/; image name A /” “‘ image name B / onMouseOver = / "this.src= / ‘; ‘ image name A / onMouseOut = "this.src= / ‘ ” >
Early you are viewing an image file, image file name is Image to display when mouse hit is an image file name
Is set to 2 times image file name is, when the initial state when the mouse goes out of the back.


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