Net terms from line-made line

Net start to recommend. This is a glossary of terms commonly used in the net.

Lag?? The stands of the lag.
  Server load, line congestion.
  Time lag occurs in the client view.
  However, as per decision on the server side and looked attack motion is calculated for you
  Fall into a situation that was already attacking, such as. There are fatal when the character died in the rug. At that time called the lag death.
Real?? That’s the real world.
  Incidentally many people enjoy the atmosphere of the virtual world is the net for the Is too much real life to speak better.
Relog?? リログイン stands for. Back to login
Router?? The derogatory term people to take a drop from enemies of other players knocked, generally disliked Act.
Root?? You pick up the drop. Or stealing from other players defeated enemies drop.
Root?? To pick up items that appear in the right upon which knocked down the enemy.
Log?? Player actions are logged to the server. Check fraud had this original management.
System of Government login Can you connect to the game.
Log out?? It closes the connection.
  Rewind it.
  Unwinding of individual units would rewind the per-server basis anyway, is about 1 week So returned would be disastrous.
Boiled?? The advent of the enemy widgets


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