Net terms K-O

Net start to recommend. This is a glossary of terms commonly used in the net.

K?? Kilo. Unit.
   1 k = 1,000.
   To represent the “item name @ 5 K”, and that often when buying and selling items in the 5,000.
Furthermore, 10000, 10 K, 100000 when I 100 K.
   Link?? Link.
   One of the behavioral patterns of the enemy.
   The player battles and can actively hit-and-run attacks.
Just close the hit-and-run attacks and activate different.
   Lv?? Level.
   One of the indicators of the strength of character is one of the goals.
MMORPG, and tend to go up the levels of ad infinitum, Lv100 crossing is not unusual.
   M?? Mega. Unit. 1 M = 1,000,000.
K and the same uses.
   An abbreviation of the Massive Multi-player Online.
   To play the scale player connected one server at the same time thousands of people from hundreds of…
That the network game.
   Stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.
   Scale player connected one server at the same time thousands of people from hundreds of Network RPG to play.
Translate, “multi-user simultaneous participation online RPG”.
   Stands for Multi-player Online.
Several dozens of people-in of online games to play and share one of the zones.
   Stands for Multi-player Online Role-Playing Game Translate as “participatory multiplayer online RPG”.
A kind of online game.
   MOB?? That the enemy not being artificially manipulated.
So called MMORPG there mainly.
   MPK?? The stands for Killer Monster Player.
   (= PK) using the monster down other players can.
   PK measures cannot be players fighting game.
Of course do it deliberately in violation of.
   NPC?? Stands for None Player Character.
   Interact with your computer (non-player character) That character.
The principle is the same either NPC or MOB, NPC is not the enemy.
   NProtect?? The kind of game guard. Anti-fraud measures program.
   To cause adverse effects only,
And game manufacturers have switched to the other’s.
   Orz?? ASCII art for the State of frustration. One of the emotions. Well come on in-game chat. widgets


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