Net terms F-J

Net start to recommend. This is a glossary of terms commonly used in the net.

FA?? Stands for “First Attack”.
   That the enemy to attack first.
   It is said that and get the right players first attacked down the enemy

Implicit rules or not.
   FPS?? First-Person Shooting stands.

First-person perspective shooter that.
   G?? Abbreviation for Giga. That unit.

1 G = 1,000,000,000.
   GJ?? Stands for Good job. “Well done!
   ”With that praise.
   When a lucrative profession (class, job) hear something in the game “How is GJ?

For more information and is not used.
   One of the game master, master Guild, Guild members.
   If GM recruitment and Guild master Guild in conversation

Guild member recruitment and to determine in such applications.
  GvG?? Guild vs Guild stands.

Guild against it.
  HP?? Hit Point stands.

Life force, would be 0 characters die.
  Healer?? Healer. To recover useful character.

Parties who want the two trailing.
  ID?? Identity stands. You need to enter login ID and password. widgets


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