Though not a big deal, and use 使えないで is modest difference they EXCEL tricks.

Jump to the interruption of the data cell

To edit the table data is scattered.
You will often encounter if you use EXCEL isn’t? Is this why you? Look for a move one cell to the next data cell? Or scroll to stretch or climes in the eye?
I think with no problems either.
However, accuracy fell awfully wide interval data, a large number of data, simply takes time.
Useful when such,Ctrl + arrow key
Dash move up with the insertion point is inside a table, and then press Ctrl + arrow key data is cut off in the direction of the arrow. For example, will navigate to location and press Ctrl + right arrow key, data interruption from the cursor in the right direction. When you press Ctrl + left arrow key, keep moving until the data is cut off on left from the cursor position. Course on even lower is similar.

Select the cell range of data exists

With this application, you can select the cell range of data exists.
CTRL + arrow Is a make shift shortcut ever. Select the data break positions this cursor in home position.
Unless you press Shift because selection is followed by rows and columns before selection is also possible. Only will be big difference is just that, available from the height of the frequently used 使えないで. Are you also try to practice today?.



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