Want to know to enjoy the Takarazuka Revue basics

Takarazuka Revue stage and a spectacular show of women-only fun. Enjoy looking at, but not sure how good it if not sure… You will probably have such fears.
First Let’s teach from Takarazuka “Chiron”!

See “Takarazuka” theatre

Takarazuka Revue stage, you can watch following theatre.
Takarazuka Grand Theater So-called headquartered in Takarazuka, Hyogo Prefecture. What changes in 1 month.
Always has staged the Takarazuka Revue stage every month. The Takarazuka Grand Theater seating information here

-Tokyo Takarazuka theater Headquartered in Yurakucho, Tokyo.
Always has staged the Takarazuka Revue stage monthly Takarazuka Grand Theater and the same here. The Tokyo Takarazuka theater seating information here

-Takarazuka bow Hall Monthly but has presented the work of Takarazuka. You can here unlike the Grand Theatre of the 500-seat little theater, so watch the star near is characterized.
-Other Hakata-za theater, Japan Youth Center, Umeda Arts Theatre has staged Chunichi. Please note so here also, not a monthly.

Know the Takarazuka’s own system

“Divided in the Takarazuka pair” first know. Flower pairs, pair and snow set, stars set-perched pair and features not in the class name itself. It is like “two pairs” and “one pair” means.
However, topstar ( Butch ) pairs each. To this array as the top second hand, 3 say “star system” P6 there have their own systems.
Plays and musicals usually choose the performers repertoire even fit it ( to cast’s, is characterized partner programme according to the characteristics of this array is the Takarazuka.
Rich solo musical be United dance often works as a program on top celebrities singing a good top stars are good at dancing, also probably feature.

Fun is not just stage

Looking forward for dealing with the limited menu at Takarazuka Grand Theater and Tokyo Takarazuka theater, restaurant and souvenir shop. Probably this is even how large theatres.
“Stage make-up service” experience “stage Studio photography can be dressed in clothes of longing” and Takarazuka makeup be Takarazuka Grand Theater of the fun.
Is wearing the clothes of the typical repertoire of Takarazuka “the rose of Versailles” Oscar or photographed, and enjoy a unique stage makeup can play 1 theater works.


Takarazuka Revue Theatre non-there is plenty to enjoy. Try delight Theatre is??
Enjoy “Takarazuka Revue stage” beginner content Takarazuka along! http://kageki.Hankyu.co.jp/first/



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