[Basic] know the rules of rugby

Rugby rules is really over, even in competition to lugger
It said difficult to understand all the rules.

But if you understand even the basics first spectators will enjoy!

Basic concepts of rugby??
“Rugby is strategy game” is.
Is the new enemy territory 2 team players for one ball ball.
We aim to spaces called Spotlight-goal, thus foccs.

Scoring admitted that to touch the ball in this space.
This score is referred to as the Tri. To get this trial players of both teams,
It is each hit each other body 奪い合って ball repeated the offense.

About the game??
Players: 15 people 15 people vs
Game time: first half of the 40 minutes later 40 minutes is 10-minute halftime ( ) 80 meter

Basic rules??
1. But if you pass the ball to ally, have thrown forward.
Characterizing the path backwards or parallel to the pitched ball line.
2. If you send the ball forward to narrow kicked the ball, or
Have avoided.
3. Tackles can only for the ball holder.

How to score??
-Try (5 points)
Emerg. opponent’s ball on the ground, or
That brought the ball themselves hold is the triangle formation.
As the trial admitted if 押さえ込んだ on the goal line.

-Conversion goal (2 points)
Kick given after trial. From the point of triangle formation extension
You can aim the goal. Succeed and you kick the ball through the goal posts.

Penalty goal (3 points)
Penalty kick (.PK) and opponent committed a penalty point,
You can aim the penalty goal. Kicking ball post
Success and will pass through.

Drop goal (3 points)
Drop kick and bound made to kick while playing ball once on the ground that
Is called. And kicking the ball through the goal posts drop goal
Will be successful.


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