[Beauty] essential skin daily cleansing method

And keep such as makeup, sweat and Sebaceous skin remained intact, acne and spots, so will cause the skin is cleansing your skin. Introduces the essential cleansing help all at once.

Wash times are reasonably

Dirt is archenemy to the skin, keeping the skin sebum is also important.
Start and again secrete sebum is washed away even while you are out dozens of minutes do not infect Sebaceous secretion and repeated washing over the skin will dry. May cause the Sebaceous secretion of excess oily skin case so frequent washing is ひかえましょう.

How to wash

Keep warm Cleansing from begins at the first wet face with lukewarm water. Cold water, and it closes the pores, Interior stains cannot be raised. Will drape to Sebaceous reverse and hot water is required.
Whipping out the SOAP Then whip the SOAP. Dirt wrapped in bubble drop. Awara trick they foam well before is should wash their hands frequently. Another one is often mix it with air. Using the Internet in the air well 泡立ちます. And wash to wrap bubbles slowly. But do not scrub and rub. Would rather push the dirt pores.
Rinse well and Dyeing, and rinse. Especially hair fly tight so no longer, SOAP tend to rest scruff per wash thoroughly. SOAP is left will cause acne or skin irritation. Finally wipe gently with a towel. And little scrub to also wash the foam is the horny layer when づつけて because they often do not.

The fit skin cleanser

After the cleansing and evidence not suitable for skin, soothe feeling of concern to it may have, is okay.
There is evidence firmly washed away dirt.
Because sebum begin secreted once again hope 20 minutes feeling taut skin also comes out gradually.
It is okay if to tamo moisturizing essence lotion after washing the face.
When I disappear standing 30 minutes with may’s cleaning power is too strong.
Let’s change what little weak of if.
Though Conversely the cleansing, mat I may at no time and then with cleaning power is weak. Let’s change things a bit strong of.

Dampness in the water after washing your face

引き締まります, pore cleansing the cooler water, loose, even giving stimulus in water lightly after washing. Your skin will be alive.


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