[Beauty] how to make cleansers at food and drinks

Essential facial cleanser to clean, beautiful face.
Variety has facial cleanser is commercially, how to easily create cleansers at home. Can flavoring or as contained in the cleanser is commercially make handmade, foaming agent, make natural cleansers.

To provide is a lemon and honey.
But may be want to drink, rehydration and available as cleansers.
First, cut the lemon half empty hole cutting surface of the lemon, chopsticks, allows 染みこま 1 tbsp honey there.
If, as in 染みこまない, squeezed lemon slightly.
And the lemon with a beaker cross side round face intact. Is not bubbling, should be burnished skin.


Effect is also commercially available milk cleansing charges besides the combination of lemon and honey, also.
Natural milk in acid gives skin moisture. Try natural cleansers.


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