[Newbie] hen nail art

Impart a good fill those basic nail. Basic nail art is.


  1. First, due to long-lasting nail color, and nails in Nice. Therefore, impregnated removable コットンスティック, and clean the surface of the nail and back.
  2. Small coat paints the edges of the nail.
    Thin paint. Let’s paint the surface from it.
  3. Fill nail small amounts of color the edges of the nail.
    Please paint tip direction from central portion of the nail then.
    From that side of the nail sunscreen a part. To improve color nail two colours please fill.
  4. 拭き取ったら nail color extends beyond the Paint topcoat finally nail color and the same sequence is completed.

Notes and tips

  • Trick is to paint side order Center > > edge.


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