How to treat kindly skin skin care

While dividing the skin, let’s do the daily skin care. Continues every day, comes the result. Let’s try aiming for beautiful skin!


  1. Clean, wash hands frequently.
    After that out dosage Palm cleansers,
    In addition to water, give out lather NET make bubbles in.
    Mixer, and just from easy can foam, without too much water to get double So cleaning it too strong, will make bubbles while diligently into the water,.
  2. From greasy zone, bubbles was completed, we then will continue extending the cheeks, Chin, neck and. Put the power, and cleansing as rolling bubbles.
  3. Finally rinse with warm water wash often left to the poor.

Notes and tips

  • So rub scrub and end up hurting the skin and careful.


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