[Astronomical observation] look at the big triangle winter

Looking for a large triangular light up the night sky in winter MI or not?

It is connected to Orion, Canis Major Sirius, Canis Procyon ペテルギウス three different large triangle winter and.
First, look for SIRIUS. Location of southeastern sky very bright white stars? Is it the brightest in the sky star SIRIUS. You will surely soon found.
To the left of the Canis minor. First stars brighter than the other stars should have compared to SIRIUS, considerably more calm. It is Procyon.
Finally, Orion ペテルギウス. Orion is tilted angle near the middle of the sky. What Orion has two Prime star. Speaking of either a triangle, is a red star on the left.
Connecting the three, winter a large triangle is completed.


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